I noticed a charge for $19.95 on my credit card from this company I had never heard of. It occurred while I was traveling in India.

I called and they first tried to tell me about their company and then they kept asking for personal information so as to identify me with a charge. I would not give them the information and called American Express instead. They removed the charge from my bill.

I don't know what would have happened if I had given Intelius the information they asked for. It could be a coincidence, but all the people I spoke with were Indian, too.

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If you feel any credit card charges are inaccurate, contact your credit card company to file a chargeback. Also, they should be able to block any future charges from that specific vendor.

Durango, Colorado, United States #645892

They did exactly the same thing to me. When I called them they tried to tell me they had no account for me so they couldn't reverse the charges. I contacted the bank (Wells Fargo) and they stopped it temporarily. But a few months ago the charges started appearing again as a "recurring debit," which I never authorized. And the charges weren't even on a month to month schedule. They were spaced anywhere from 10 days to 25 days apart, all under a "recurring debit." Hopefully WF put a stop to it this time. If not, this may be class action material.

Monroe, Washington, United States #632109

Intelius is an internet based company. We collect and compile public records and publicly available information. We offer services like background checks, people searches, and phone look-ups.

Intelius offers a variety of services during the purchase process. The majority of our memberships are activated through either the acceptance of discounted pricing for individual reports, or through the acceptance of a full page offer advertised just prior to viewing the report. All of our offers describe the specifics of the service, including billing. Additionally, all of our services are non-contractual so there is no obligation to continue using the service.

We apologize for any inconveniences that you have incurred. If you still need assistance, please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Care.


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