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I called the telephone number provided by my credit card company. After about a three minute wait the representative told me how I agreed to the Ident.

add on during my one information search (which did not provide any usable information). When I said this to the representative, he said that is what you get for .95 cents. How Professional. I had not rec'd any email or information, just a charge for $19.95.

I asked if there were some sort of box that you checked to agree to accept the monthly add on, but I was told that I had a choice of paying .95 cents which is 51% off or $1.95 full price. I selected the .95 cent price and that automatically enrolled me in the monthly program. So had I selected the 1.95 service, I would have saved $19.00 hmmmmm. Sounds strange to me.

I feel this is a scam and if they are providing a true desirable service, they would not need to stoop to such a low level to obtain customers and membership/subscription.

Provide a desirable service and you will have happy customers. Scam them into being charged a monthly fee and you have people like myself posting on every possible place to report the poor business ethics of this company.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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Contact your state Attorney General and the Washington State Attorney General and file a complaint wishing all your monies returned, and if they caused an overdraft, ask for that too!

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