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Intelius tells you that you can remove your general info (name, addresses, phone numbers) from their website. All you have to do is send them a fax (fax number provided at, but of course the fax number doesn't work.

Okay, so you can call their main phone number (425) 974-6100 but you are unable to get a live person. Not surprising. In fact, one of the numbers we punched in subsequently went to automatic "hang up." Furthermore, the associated fax for the main number doesn't work either. That number is (425) 974-6199.

Obviously, Intelius does not want to hear from the public; doesn't care about their own reputation. Recourse: contact the Better Business Bureau, your lawyer and Twitter!

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I was also taken by this company for a lot of money. wasn't paying attention to my bank account as I should. I would like to form a group and then look at legal ways to make them responsible.


You may get the information for the company and all legal officers including

registered agent through either washington state corporation commision.Or your local states corporation commision.Check your own state first.They not only can tell you if they need to be registered with your home state.They should be able to tell you how to serve process on them.THIS IS PUBLIC INFORMATION

Knowledge about employees isnt considered

public knowledge or public information.

Unless their is sufficient cause youd be hard pressed to recieve it.

My suggestion to everyone contact the washington state attorney general.The ftc and doj.Especially if youve been ripped off in some way.Further more since they broker public records documents it seems to me at least that they would fall under the fair credit reporting act.Meaning that they should have some way for you to remove your information from their databases.This you might consider a attorney for.Id still contact the others though.


Anyone wanting to discuss these issues in confidence, email me at:

attorney joe malley


The fax number 425-974-6199 is the correct number. I have removed my info, but it takes them a little bit to process the info.


I presume Intelius doesn't publish their employees' info as a precaution; safety. That still doesn't answer why Intelius takes it upon themselves to publish other peoples' info without getting permission first - and why they are not responsive to removal requests!


This is a follow-up to original post. I got an email back from them pointing me back to the website with the defunct fax number.


Furthermore, they never addressed why they don't post their own employees' information. Can you say Hypocritical?