I used the site to get results on someone who made contact with my family that we had a brief friendship over 40 years ago. They made contact and I wanted to get a general overview of what they had done over the period of time.

I paid the $49+ for the report after getting a match when entering the name and address. The results were useless. It provided me with name some relatives names a picture of the house which the address I already knew and could have seen on Google. It provided me with no work history, education, criminal checks, marriage, or anything else that I could have gotten on the Internet.

This is a useless scam and should not be used by anyone trying to obtain information. I tried to get some information on relatives who may have died but even that was not given. It provided me with a co-owner of a home who had died over a year ago. Their records are not up to date.

Sorry I did not see this site before I wasted my money.

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