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I just checked my bank statements and found that Intellius has been charging me $19.95 for the last 4 months. I don't know where they got my debit card number but I have been scammed and I am mad as ***.

I was scammed by some *** in Utah and got my money back both from my bank and the state's Attorney General. I recommend that anyone who has a complaint of this kind do the same thing.

If you have a bank like mine they will refund the money immediately then do an investigation (I will give them this URL for instance). If they decide it is a scam they will let you keep the refund.

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It sounds like you have accepted the People Search offer that is advertised on the Intelius website. If you no longer wish to be enrolled in the People Search membership, please call 888-445-2727 Monday to Friday from 5am to 8pm and Saturday from 6am to 4:30pm. We will be more than happy to assist you.