I agreed to pay $1.95 one time for an email address of an old friend. The address that I got had not been in effect for at least 10 years.

Although I complained immediately thereafter, they still charged me the $1.95. A couple of weeks later, I noticed a $19.95 debit for a subscription for Identity Theft Protection that I did not sign up for. I have sent them 3 emails about a refund and not gotten any response.

I am getting ready to call "customer service" with a lot of verbal taking place. Seems to me that the only identity theft protection I need is from Intelius!

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I also was scammed by Intellius from whom I ordered a background search. The next month a charge for 19.95 showed up on the bill for AP9 Valuemax.

I thought that I had simply ordered something and then forgot. But it appeared again the next month. I called Valuemax who said that by clicking a banner on Intellius it had authorized the Valuemax charge.

I asked for documentation that I had done so, but Valuemax said that they had none. I immediately terminated the service, but I believe that Intellius illegally shared the charge information and authorized the charges--looks like lots of others are having the same problems.


The same thing happened to me; a one-time $1.95 look-up ended up in them charging me $19.95 for a service for another month that I don't even have access to. I called them and they said they would cancel the subscription to the so-called "Identity Theft Protection" I unknowingly signed up for.

If they do it again, I'm sending a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission and any other regulating agengy that has clout. I'd advise others to do the same.

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