Hi, my name is Tina Chastain. I am very sorry to randomly contact you, when you don't know me. I saw your complaint about INTELLIUS, I couldn't help but try to contact to ask you if you have had any luck with a people finding search site or company, etc. I have gotten ripped off by a detective here in my town for $350.00. And, 39.95 went to another online site, plus 19.95 to yet another, and 6.95. and 4.95, and 1.95 twice, and so on and so on. WHAT A RIP! I'm SO disheartened and disgusted. But, I hate to give up. I have been sitting on it for about a year now, just thinking about it, and endlessly searching online, over and over, again. Besides being very sad that I cannot find my long lost friend, I am disgusted with the whole process. But, I have lost contact with a very good friend. His name is STANLEY ADKISSON. He is 51 or 52, now. We met a long while back while both in I.C.U after an accident. We became fast friends and promised always to keep in touch. I am very hurt now, that I cannot keep my promise. I would just love to know that he is fine and doing good for himself.

Anyway, I just couldn't help contacting you to ask if you had ANY advice, or if in your quest and with your bad experience..and, if anything GOOD every came of it?

If, there is anything you could recommend me, or a direction you could point me in, I would SOOO appreciate it, and be greatly indebted to you!

Thank you very, very much,

Sincerely, Tina Chastain

Tinachastain22@yahoo.com..... 770-500-6809

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