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I was looking over my bank statement and noticed a charge of $49.95 from INT'US Search SE followed by a number. I called the number and had to speak to some Indian I could barely understand told me back in August I had did a search for somebody.

While that is true, I did search for an old friend's number, I ONLY agreed to the one time 99 cent charge to obtain this number. Which by the way, after I paid the 99 cents, they didnt provide a number anyway. I didnt care because it was only 99 cents. The woman told me they had charged me TWICE for $49.95 for their "quarterly fee!" She stated they'd be canceling my "membership".

I NEVER authorized these charges and NEVER even agreed to sign up for their *** service! There was no warning I'd be signing up for their service or membership, it was no where in the fine print and I never received any confirmation that I had supposedly signed up! I looked at my bank statement again going back to August and indeed there was another $49.95 charge and also a $25 charge from them for who know's what. So in total they ripped me off $124.90!

I cant believe how many complaints I have found from folks in the same situation, and worse yet, I cant believe these people are still in business!!! I will be contacting my bank first thing tomorrow to dispute these charges!

Monetary Loss: $125.

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Murrysville, Pennsylvania, United States #759167

Welp. Me again.

So I called my bank this morning. Bad news part 1: They said they could only dispute the recent charge and anything back 90 days. Therefore the charges from August are too far back and they cant do anything about them! #2 The woman at the card center did "research" into the site and said that its in the fine print of their terms and conditions that you agree to automatically sign up for a "membership," so that legally they have no grounds to dispute any charges and that what they are doing is perfectly legal!!!

And she said that I would have had to call and cancel at some point before noticing the charges, and that just because there are a lot of bad reviews doesnt mean they arent a legitimate company!!! Pretty hard to do when I was being charged without my knowledge! I looked over their terms just now and do not see anything stating that if you use any of their fake services that you agree to be signed up to anything! And I dont care if it is!!

Its still deceptive and no way to do business! When I googled the guys name I wanted a number for, it led me to the site and asked for 95 cents to obtain his number. I was never prompted to accept or decline any membership and it was never clearly stated! DECEPTIVE!

Well I called Intelius back and complained and they guy agreed to issue a refund within 5-7 days. I better see it!

In the meantime I am getting a new bank card, so should they decide to continue charging me they wont get anymore money! Im reporting this to the BBB now!

Seattle, Washington, United States #759085

Hello Jeanette,

We apologize for any confusion arising from the use of our service and would like the opportunity to assist you.

US Search offers a variety of services during the purchase process. The majority of our memberships are activated through either the acceptance of discounted pricing for individual reports, or through the acceptance of a full page offer advertised just prior to viewing the report. All of our offers describe the specifics of the service, including billing. Additionally, all of our services are non-contractual so there is no obligation to continue using the service.

If you still need assistance with your account, please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Care.

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

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