I have used Intelius for the reverse phone look up service. On at least three occasions, I have found that their info is not accurate.

I called their customer disservice department, who informed me that they do not guarantee the accuracy of their information, nor give refunds. Avoid them like the plague. This is a ripoff of the first order. I called and asked for a refund, and got a very charming woman who talked nothing but bologna when I explained the situation.

They said that they are an aggregator of public records, but they do not create them.

Apparently, they also do not bother to check on the currency of them. Please save your money.

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This is a scam and they claim to back up their results but they do not. I tried once and my results for the number were nothing.

No address, no name, not even a city or state.

I could have found out more by Google for free. Ask for refund and never heard from them.

Dumb me - I read a review of reverse phone number look up services and Intelius was No. 1.

Found out their service is No. 2. $4.99 for a report that said the number I queried IS in service - that's it. Duhhh - already know that; I considered it unlikely a ghost was using the number, I was looking for the name of the person on the other end.

Now I can spend the next month monitoring my card to be sure they don't attach more charges. Arghh :(

If you still need assistance with your account please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Support.



Intelius is a thief, but a legal one. I am very disappointed with the services. Avoid them like a plague if you don't want your money to vapor.

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