Dear Intelius, please remove my name Melita F. Powell on your database.

I gave you my driver license, email, and phone number back in 2006 and 2007 and 2008 but you never remove my name, address, and my age. Please I beg you to remove my name, address and my age on your data. I don't like people bothered me. Like today, somebody I know who did a belated birthday party for me and I hated it.

I hate party, I hate surprises, and I hate hanging around with people who drinks alcohol. They're upset on me for not showing up with their belated birthday party for me. I don't give my birthday and year to people but they knows because your selling my information. Please remove my birthday and my age on your data.

Please I'm begging you. I need my privacy and I don't want anybody to bother me.

Thank you and God bless. Melita

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please remove me from your data base erstena@aol.com


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You should probably see a therapist... Interpersonal skills are essential in order to live a happy stress free life. Learn to be with others, buts that's just my suggestion.

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