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I called your data base to get my WRONG info changed. Intelius suggested I contact my local court house.

I did, they directed me to the State. I did. What a nightmare! This INTELIUS is a well used data base.

I decided to type in 10 people I KNOW. ONLY 1 person did you have correct information and THAT info was VERY OUTDated. Your data gathering is very outdated. Like to have listed as whO I am related to is OUTDATED by more than a DECADE.

To list me as RELATED to my X IN MOTHER IN LAW !!!! an not even mention anyone in MY family or close to CURRENT is just PUREly unusable info.

INTELIUS is OUTDATED and severely INHUMANE. If I were an employment/human resources clerk...I would ERASE Intelius from my tec system. If employers want up to date info Intelius is NOT is NOT is NOT where to go.

Intelius CAUSES PROBLEMS and MORE SEARCHING, and even makes the new prospective employee look bad, by your INEPT data systems. Intelius needs to be SHUT DOWN NOW!!!!

To "select a category" above does not even include "persons/idenity". Very lame!

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