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I was trying to get a phone report and was charged 4.99 they charged my credit card and they were going to try and hit me up for 19.95 charge that I didnt even ask for . They said they would refund my money .

I didnt believe them after reading the negative respones from here cancelled my debit card and got a new one so they cant rip me off like they have done others or tried to . I have used them in the past and have not had any problems but I didnt want to take the chance

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I too went to Intelius to get an email address and be charged $1.95. Wasn't a valid address that they gave me anyway.

Suddenly, I see $19.95 for Identity Theft Protection that I didn't sign up for. Seems I need protection from Intelius.

Called the bank and am being reissued a new debit card. A temporary pain but worth the peace of mind about this company and it's affiliates!

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