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For all of those employers and consumers that felt Intelius was a scam, it runs out you were right. The details of their fraud has been broken publically at:

This was all one big scam aimed at maximizing revenues in order to go IPO--another big consumer rip-off by crooks that are expert in manipulating the system.

The management gets to take the money and run and consumers and shareholders would be left holding the bag. Any consumer uisng this site needs to beware.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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I could not believe the information they are sending out to employers and others about me that is totally false. People they say I am related to I've never heard of, one room mate they gave "my" last name he became related to me I'll never know. Please tell me where they get this information and how may I correct it?


Intelius is a total scam. As a former employee, I can tell you that they are doing everything possible to get money out of their customers, and only change their techniques when they find they are getting in trouble.

The employees on the phones get no bonuses and are paid practically zip, while the big shots take all the money. If you want your money back, all you have to do is say you are going to dispute with credit card company, call the BBB or AG's office and they will give you back everything...that is their policy that the employees have to go by. They are in enough trouble and don't want to be reported again. Please don't yell at the customer support...just tell them you are going to dispute.

Like me, many are working there as they can't find a job anywhere else. I had to leave as I got so tired of being yelled at by customers that it was ruining my health.


Thanks for the information on Intelius after reading your complain I will not be using the web site. another scam out there is


Intelius is indeed a shady operation. I paid the .99 cents for one report and they have charged my VISA $24.95 for the last two months.

When I called the number on the VISA bill, it is a recording and you can't talk to anyone. The day I used them, I cancelled the monthly service on their web site. They ignore this. There is really no way to cancel.

VISA has the charges in "dispured" status at this time. These crooks should be shut down.

It is a disgrace. Their meal mouthed comments are a lie!!


I can't believe I did not look into your website and others to check out Intellius before I laid out $,99 to just get an address. I know I did not order ANYTHING else, but I got dinged with a $19.95 charge for some other products they were touting.

I cannot get the $19.95 back either.

This is not just a scam, it is fraud. I just hope people read these complaint sites before they do ANYTHING with this company.

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