Laguna Beach, California

I have not given my permission to use any of the information you have posted on me. You dig up dirt, untrue facts and put it out to everyone to see. Facebook changed its program becasue of privacy issue complaints.

When I put something on my facebook page or on others', I am not offending anybody. I am sensative to and respect written words.

You are asking 3000 dollars from me to keep my information off the web per. This is blackmailing. You will have legal action against your company. You must change your word "pissed" customer to concerned citizen. I am not your customer. I have no need use your info.

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Everything that anyone can get from Intelius is PUBLIC information already. They are only doing the legwork, so to speak, for people that are too lazy to do it for themselves.


** In opting out it is required to blacken out everything except the name, birthday and address.

** This information is NOT put into our database but only used to validate you and remove your info on our site.

** We get your info from... the court house, the post office ie change of address cards, voter registration, magazine subscriptions, business which share your info with other businesses and stores ie pizza delivery, newsletters, coupon, member discounts, etc.

*** I hope this helps :)


This is what INTELIUS does to the people who subscribe to their services. They use people to make money off of them. SHUT DOWN INTELIUS FOR GOOD.


I went on google to check my name. I found no less than 10 references to my name, most from Intelius.

I have never authorized them to put my name all over the internet. This demands a congresional investigation and legislation to permanantly SHUT DOWN INTELIUS.


Intelius is a scam. They need to be shut down before they do more damage.

How about if we opt-IN. Consumers should never have to opt-out.

This is a disgrace, an invasion of personal privacy. INtelius is a scam.


Intelius only uses the Driver's License information to remove the proper information from our database and to assure that the individual requesting the removal is who they claim to be.

This information is not added to our database.


Their opt out requires a copy of your drivers license


Their opt out process requests you send a copy of your drivers license.

Like you want to give them any more personal information, just for them to make it public.

It is scary, I am not sure how they even got so much information about me that is displayed on several sites.

I will be seeking a lawyer if I do not hear from them within a week.