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Please stop letting Linda renee Blackshear from riverdale, geogia post my husbands name We are tired of this!!!!!!!! Her name is no longer Linda Blackshear nor is she still married to my husband.

Her surname is Linda Renee Hart!!!!!!! If you all dont change this we will get a lawyer and sue you all for allowing her to continue to make false reports on your web site!!!!!!!! It has been court ordered for Linda Renee Hart to go back to her madian name. Intelis is still allowing this female to use my husbands information on line!!!

Please take whatever steps that youall need to in order to correct this problem.

Terence Elliote Blackshear is married only to Alphia Ransom Blackshear. Linda is not his wife nor do they have any kids together!!!!!!!1

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Haha, lame.