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just say that you are going to dispute all of the charges and they will refund everything they have to i used to work there trust me after you give them your first and last name and the billing address just say i am disputing all of the memebership charges they have to try it!!!! once you have done that a supervisor will get on the phone and they will finish refunding everything that the rep could not do, then make sure to contact your bank and let them know that you have said dispute with intelious and they can follow up

Monetary Loss: $1254.

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Log into your account. Go to the People Search Tab. At the top of the page you should see a block stating "My Intelius Services Summary"-Underneath click the link for your subscription. At the top of the next page where you see your login information. click "manage service". Then select Account Settings next to 'my subscriptions'

scroll halfway down and you see "MY SUBSCRIPTION" in bold. Click the Cancel link.

continue selecting the appropriate answer for why you are cancelling. do not take their offer of the discounted rate and be sure to answer No-Delete my Subscription.

This clearly states that you will not be refunded but will have access for the remainder of the billing period and will not be charged once the period ends.

You can also try calling and talking to someone to see if you can get a refund. I found it easier to just do it online than mess with the hassle called Intelius over the phone.