Intelius has failed (after my sending 7 fax requests documenting that the information about me on their site is incorrect and was posted by a hacker) to remove information about me on its website. This company should not be allowed to operate like this.

It is ridiculous that people can have their privacy violated by hackers first and then have the information used against them by a company that claims to be reputable.

If Intelius cared about its internal policies that it so proudly displays on its site, it would remove incorrect information! I hope anyone else in my position files similar complaints with all appropriate agencies.

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Intelius has violated my privacy now it's my turn to invade theirs.


I was seriously considering paying for Intelious services it sounds like a good service, But after visiting this site i am no longer considering paying for this service. It sounded to good to be true anyways. Thank you to all that commented I believe i have been saved from a big headache.


How is it a Hacker? Looking over their website it looks like the pull it from public records.

They can't change public records info, just remove you completely. Looking at their blog it looks like they will do that for free.

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