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Intelius has placed all of my personal contact information (my name, unlisted telephone number, and address) on their website. People can type in my telephone number and all of my personal private information immediately appears.

I have filled out the "removal form" provided by Intelius/Yahoo to have my information removed. However, I discovered that the Intelius/Yahoo "removal form" is bogus and does not work.

As a consequence of Intelius' negligence and invasion of my privacy, I have received many threatening phone calls and hate mail to my home address. Thousands of Americans are suffering due to Intelius' negligence.

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Invastion my privacy:

Please remove my info from your list. it is very unfair that my info is made available for the public. my address, DOB, phone number, relatives etc. Im a single mother with kids and we would like our privacy.

Thank You.

Sihanoukville, Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia #172734

It is not an invasion of privacy to give out public information like your address.

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