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I paid 49.95 I receive more detailed information that just a phone number. I was under the impression that I would receive criminal information, property info, and all the information that this website states that it will give you if you pay the premium fee.

I was expecting to get premium information. I got a wrong telephone number and a name!!!! FOR 49.95!!!!!! I called customer service to ask if I could at least get charged for the .95 cent fee since the information was the same!!!

I paid 50 dollars for NOTHING!! The customer service rep was so rude. She said they never give refunds and that I should have been more careful using my credit card online.... WHAT!??!?!

REALLY?!?! I even went to their website and found a refund request form. NO one called me back, no one ever emailed me. This company id horrible.

I dont even understand what they charge for!! You can merely google a name a get a telephone number for free... AND it will be a correct telephone number. WORST company ever.

They a fraudulent and misleading and do not offer a good OR service to customers. They merely pretend to offer something, but apparently no one is satisfied with this company.


Monetary Loss: $49.

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I called you still didnt refund me my money !!


Be VERY, VERY, VERY VERY careful when dealing with these Intelius Scam-Artists.

Their customer service people are a JOKE. Once they get your CC number..there is NO TELLING what will appear on your bill.

The best way to AVOID their scam is to call the Washington State Govenor's Office and FILE A COMPLAINT. I was charged 2 times and STILL DID NOT GET THE INFO I HAD REQUESTED.

When I called, they HAD THE CHARGES, but said it would take 2-3 DAYS for a credit to appear.

Just another way of keeping money in hopes of YOU never checking again to see if a CREDIT REALLY APPEARS. A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY...DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID BY USING INTELIUS.....!!!


:( If you're more than "happy" to provide assistance then WHY DON'T YOU!?!? I can call and speak to every RUDE rep you have there and it does no good.

Also filed a refund request. Why hasn't anyone emailed or called me about this??? This has been well over 2 weeks now.

Your company does not want to make a real attempt to correct this matter, just post insincere comments to appear to the rest of the world that you care. Why dont you fix it then???!!!!!


I am sorry to hear that your report did not meet your needs. If you still need assistance with your Intelius account, please call 888-445-2727 Monday to Friday from 5am to 8pm and Saturday from 6am to 4:30pm. We will be more than happy to assist you.