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Company has NO email address Employees have emails for Intellus yet Intellus has NONE. I signed up in September 2017 & renewed in October 2017 printed up & copied names addresses on seperate piece of paper people & addresses & phone numbers I put in came up NO RECORD plus people I had printed out have addresses & phone numbers that have been rearranged & this has changed THREE TIMES in less then a month!

Intelus has the same names of people who have differant ages & some with anywhere from TWO phone numbers to TWENTY that get rearranged not to mention up to TWENTY addresses all the phone information links to more people that are connected to each other through phone numbers & addresses by cross reference. The people I have researched ALL connect to the MAFIA! They ALL have emails associated that are out of a secured site & some emails that are legit for the company they work for FAKE!

This site Intellus is where I would say 75% of the SCAMMERS get what they need. The SCAMMERS also take pictures of a company or federal & state agency & make fake websites.

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Why don't you try peepfind.com? It is free and it doesn't cost a cent. Prob is they don't have all the reverse searches, but if you willing to spend a few minutes and know the name and surname and state, you will get the same info there free, without all this crap.

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