I have been member with Intellus for several months because they did not cancel as I requested. So I thought it may not be a bad thing, keep using it.

I looked at my statement from the bank and see that on the 4th and 5th of the month, they charged my account $19.95. Once on each day. This on top of not cancelling as I had requested, just put me over the edge.

I'm Pissed!

I intend to have my bank refuse the payments and hope they will cancel my membership as I requested many months ago. Thanks to Intellus for defrauding the consumer that they are supposed to be protecting.

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I'm sorry, they really need to make it more prominent.


maybe you should buy that and learn to read, and not blame the company because you don't read what you agree to purchase. This is what is wrong with the world, nobody wants to accept responsibility for what they do, "it is a scam" "it was fine print" No it was a full page that you did not want to take the time to read!

One offer is complete with a color photo and says SPECIAL OFFER! THANK YOU, YOUR PURCHASE HAS BEEN COMPLETED, IF YOU LIKE OUR PRODUCTS OUR PEOPLE SEARCH MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES FOR $19.95.... at the top of the page. wow that is pretty hidden.

You got charged 2 times because you 1, were cheap and wanted to get something for nothing and 2 you did not READ!!!!! And for all of you women out there using your child support debit card, what are you thinking why are you spending your child's money checking out some ignorant man??? If you think you need to check him out you probably need to leave him alone. Then you want to call and cry about how Intelius is taking food out of your childrens mouths!

No we did not-- you did it. Own up to your own mistakes. You clicked without reading, explain that to your children, and also teach them that there are consequences when the do something ***, or you can show them that if you are rude, yell, insult or threatened to call credit card company you can get off the hook.. or better yet you can teach them how to scam a company by claiming fraud..

idiots they can track it back to your computer.. I had a business man tell me that it was fraud, *** was ordered from his work computer,, NICE>


Intelius can't chg you anything you don't agree to! You people need to stop and read what you sign up for..

you created the account and did the search, you chose the price to save a $1.00 or up to $10.00 with a free 7 day trial of identity protection, then you got presented an offer for a people search membership.. for $19.95 a month 100 searches. rather than click NO SHOW MY REPORT you typed an email as electronic signature and clicked YES!!!! Then to make matters worse you don't ckeck your bank or credit card statements for months.

That's when you call and ARE RUDE AND BELIGERENT TO THE PERSON WHO CAN HELP YOU!!! I have been called every name in the book by so called "educated" "computer savy" people who have even threatened my Life over $19.95. WHAT PART DID YOU PLAY IN ALL THAT HAPPENED????

Did I guide your hand and make you do all of those steps needed to sign yourself up for those automatic deductions. Wow, I only went to high school and I managed to read what I was doing without signing up before I worked there!

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