Millerton, Pennsylvania

I bought information for $.95 and got charged that amount and $19.95 for Identity Protect. I didn't see that one coming. I cancelled, but they would not refund the $19.95. They are deceiving!

I sent an email as soon as the money was taken from my account, and I was told, when I called them, that they never received an email from me.

I will never use them again!

It should be that people have a choice as to whether they want Identity Protect, If you don't know about the charges, they will take the money out every month.

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We apologize for any confusion arising from the use of our service and would like the opportunity to assist you.

Intelius offers a variety of promotions during the checkout process. The Identity Protection Membership was activated through the acceptance of discounted pricing for the report. The discounted price selection describes the activation of the Identity Protection Membership, which is initially a seven day free trial. All of our services are non-contractual so there is no obligation to continue using the service.

If you still need assistance with your account, please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Support.

We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


i posted a complaint on Pissed consumer about the people search scam,going on by Intelius and Experian and if you notice they pretty much match each other word for word,so you know they arent making it up! but watch and they will all return with a new complaint, if they do give your money back and refund it to your account,you better suck it out quick and close your account because surprise number 2, THEY WILL SUCK IT RIGHT BACK OUT AGAIN!

what a bunch of crooks,its the double whammy scam game all over again. and ive heard complaints that they will keep taking it out over and over untill you close your account and start another one somewhere else.these people are experts at stealing your money and they are the ones you need to be protected from, i will never give my account number again on the internet,these are the only ones who have ripped me off, and they say they will protect you from it!


The website only offers one report for 95 cents. Right under where it says at to cart it says "Free ID Protect Trail" and has a link that says "Learn More" if you click on the link it shows terms and conditions that say if you don't cancel the trail it's 19.95 a month.

Why is it that people don't listen to their mothers when they say nothing is free? This is one of the most common marketing tactics out there. Show you something you want, offer you a special for it. The service it's self is actually a good service. During the 7 days you can get a free Experian credit score and add your self to various opt out programs for junk mail but if you cancel it during the 7 days you shouldn't be charged more.

I really feel that Americans are spoiled are lack any idea of personal responsiblity.

Both of the marketing tactics used on the Intelius website are easy to avoid by remembering two rules of online buying.

1. Free is never Free.

2. If they are asking you to type in info they already have and you are logged in they want a signature. (ie the email address, such as with the People Search Membership ad)


Wow, Bob, and Sonny obviously work for intelius. They DO sneak the charge in as stated on BBB's website. Bob....if you love the company soooo much why are you on a "whiner" site reading about it?


hay wow and sonny and wilber and bubba,calling people dumb and idiots,I can tell you guys are rocket scienticed,if you realy think intellus isnt cheating poeple,I'll sell you *** some ocean front property in kansas,and when you get there just follow the yellow brick road.


I've used Intelius for years and will continue to do so.

They put in plain view, on the web page where you sign up for a search. The option to decline that ID protection service is very prominent and very easy to understand, just uncheck the *** box is all you have to do.

Avoiding the $19.95 charge is as easy as reading the page before your rush in and accept everything without looking.

Crying about on some whiner site can't save you from your own stupidity.


Same thing with me. I bought a cell phone number check and ended up with the 19.95 credit protection plan.

They sneek it in somewhere. Call (888)445-2727 and get it reversed.


If you research a tenant with a birthdaye and social, all information should be specific to the person backround checked, not a bunch of irrelevant info you can find for free.


It's not a scam, you idiots - they *tell you* when you go for the cheaper price that it's with a free trial of another service- the ID protection. When the free trial expires you are charged the $19 for the service *you signed up for*

If they won't cancel the service when you ask them, then that's another issue (although you'd still have to pay what's already gone from your account because you agreed to do that when you signed up for the trial), but you not bothering to read what you're signing up for is your problem, not theirs. :roll


They used to be reliable. I will use

another site for my research.


They did that to me too. But I found out they did the next day because I was suspicious, I called and they answered in the first ring and refunded it immediately


yall are dumb, if your going to put your credit card online and purchase something at a discounted price then i sure as *** would read the the whole *** thing. if your *** enough to not read then your *** enough to get charged


These thieving bastards did the same thing to me!


a 19.95 charge showed up on my bill.didnt order this id protection.bunch of crooks.


I just sent my second written notice to Intellius a few minutes ago asking them to cancel my subscription for ID Protection of $19.95..(although I don't recall signing up for this service in the first place), and to stop drafting $19.95 from my account. I would like to have my money refunded as well!

I plan on contacting my bank today to ensure they do not get another dime from me!

This service is very misleading, and their customer service is horrible. Although the website claims their office hours are M-F beginning at 5:30 a.m....don't expect to get through to someone!


Intelius charged me twice (I didn't check my credit card statement) for $19.95...for ID Protection. I didn't order it, I didn't want it, I didn't need it - I have Experian's TripleAlert.

I'm filling out a police report. This company needs to be stopped.


Intelius charged me the same 19.95 which I did not sign up for. This is a scam!