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What was to be a $2.50 name lookup turned into $150. in charges.

They hit my card 4 times in one day and multiple times after. Customer service does not exist. I encourage anyone who has been ripped off by these people to be pro-active and use every social media means to shut them down.

Its obvious by the PR on the internet that they make enough money not to care, but its now up to the PISSED OFF consumer to put the truth out there. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANYTHING - FALSE BUSINESS PRACTICES AND BAD SERVICE UNDER THE PRETENSE OF A LEGITIMATE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was foolish enough to be ripped off by these fiends on 2 separate credit cards.

I was reimbursed for most of the money through the credit card companies.

How do these thieves keep getting away with this?

Today is 5/10/12---I get a feeling that we'll be reading of more complaints about intellius for years to come.

Looking back, I see that this has been going on for quite some time already.

Where ae the lawyers out there?

These crooks need to be stopped!!!


If you select a promotional price on the Intelius website, you will also receive a free 7 day trial of Identity Protect. After the 7 day trial, it will convert to a regular subscription and bill out at $19.95 monthly.

However, there’s no obligation. If you determine within the 7 day trial that you no longer want Identity Protect, you can cancel your service anytime, online or over the phone with a customer support representative.

It sounds like you have also accepted the People Search offer that is advertised on the Intelius website after the purchase process.

If you still need assistance with your account please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Support.

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