intellius scam, ive only used it once and didnt really help at all, and untill now i couldnt get a refund instead they are continuously charging me every month after sending me an email that my account has been cancelled, scam,scam,scam,scam. i am very very pissed off with the way they operate, they should be banned.

now i am trying to contact their phone but as expected no one is on the other end of the line. what a great service, they just want money out of you please beware, dont fall in their trap...beware..its a scam

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Dear Brooke and Bert,

I would cancel out your current credit cards, and contact your credit card company immediately to report this. This is fraud.

You will get your money back, and any other fees that were assessed will be refunded as well, including interest charges. Then, when the *** try to charge your credit card again hence trying to steal from you they can't!!

The joke is on them. Please do this today.


Consider using a virtual credit card# for online purchases.

Citibank allows you to generate a ONE time credit card # and you can even put a $ limit on it.

ie., I used Intellius to do a one time search on a phone number and I put a $5 limit on the virtual # that I generated.


I have had now the same thing happen to me. Not only did they sign me up for a monthly service without my knowledge but they also double charged me.

I am working with my bank to ban thier charges. I am also still waiting on the phone after hunting the number down. Been waiting for 20 minutes.

THIS IS A HUGH SCAM AND THEY SHOULD BE PUNISHED! Due to thier charges on my account I have monthly bills that are not being paid.

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