In this day and age of Identy Theft, why are these companies allowed to sell personnel information. It may be public information but it is on a need to know basis and the General public does not need to know.

Complain to your "Congressional Leaders" immediately. Stop the madness. Why do you think Identy theft is on the rise. Pres Clinton said this would happen back in the 90's and these companies are florishing on you personal information.

Other companies involved in these scams are whitpages.com,address.com. ussearch. all companies that are trying to put your information out there.

My question, how and where are they are retrieving the information. I suggest a Law suit stopping them from giving personal information to third parties selling it to the public.

Please someone stop them

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There is a better way to handle the situation.

Did you know that although you can be sued for defamation of character which is a civil suit, you can print up glossy, UV coated fliers that state specifically "I think XYZ person/company is a member of the NAZI Party and I also believe that they are also a Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan and by the way this is the opinion of John Doe/whomever". There are many places that you can purchase 5000 fliers for under $150.00.

Then you take the fliers and disseminate them in public places, telephone poles, any place where they can be seen. After the companies that are letting loose public information in the wrong way without some guidelines, see themselves in millions of locations associated with the term NAZI party or anything else grotesque, they will stop what they are doing and regulate themselves.

Yes, I am a crazy F, however tactics like this work quite well. Most of these offenders do not think there are any people with backbone to use such a tactic similar to political advertising before an election to teach these companies some manners.


intellius charged my credit card $19.95 for an unrequested membership. Can anyone tell me how to get it back?


I've also been a vitim of ID theft.

ID thieves already have easy access to info. They get it from trash cans, mailboxes, phone books, cedit cards and computer data-banks.

The good thing about these data banks is you can track if someone might be using your name and info. A common ploy is to change the letters by one, too, to make it harder for authorities to catch up.

Last year I had my garbage and stolen and mail tampered with.

I even knew, but without proof, who did it.

I called the DMV, the IRS, and Social Security. They all said the most I could do is put alerts on my bank accounts and moniter my credit (do not bother with Equifax paid monitering, outsourced to India and stinks-and their employees are not 'allowed' to give out their names! After you just toold them your entire life history!).

No government agencies are able to see if anyone is using your info for an address, work ID, or false citizenship until a crime is committed or taxes are filed.

At least with these databases you can track excess or growing amounts of people with the same name as yours, if they may have a 'business' that isn't real, or if you do a reverse search with your social and show up someplace you never lived-like I did. The authorities won't help so at least you have the opportunity to be proactive.

You can check such businesses with the BBB. If they aren't listed the BBB will contact them for info. If the business is legit, they submit info. If they don't submit info the BBB posts that, and it's a red flag.

Particularly full of unverifiable addresses/numbers and employees are real estate and mortgage services, contractors, insurance agencies, mail services (like mailboxes et cetera-which will allow a person to seemingly have a different address than the one they recieve mail at) and some law firms. Be vigilant.


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I couldnt agree more.Ive been the victim of id theft and reported it to police.To make a long story short my id theft is very very complex.Id cloning,inpersonation.

What I just recieved from intelious is either part of it or a huge rip off on their part.I asked for the supplier of the information.In order to send a notice for motion of discovery/cease and desist[so that the inaccurate information isnt further disseminated.We cant do that.Her supervisor wouldnt let her do it.My next question/statement went to the effect of how supervisors and the higher ups at that company would cause many lawsuits.She agreed.The problems at the company start at the top and go down.For what its worth most of the lower employees are truly good.

Well Im off to register a complaint at my state attorney generals office.Somehow I think they regret not responding correctly.

Please report them to your attorney generals office.This is the only way to stop this ridiculiness.

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