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7/29/08: Wanted to look up an "anonymous" number that called 3x at my work phone. Intelius said it would be $4.95, then their email said it would be $9.95.

When I called, the person said I had "pushed a button" to indicate further service, but they would cancel the extra charge. Their next email advised the number could not be located and I would not be charged. A check of my charge account next day showed $9.95 charged. I filed a complaint, but only got another email requesting I call them.

I have not gotten this credit back yet (1 week).

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Do not use this site. They were completely wrong about the info they sent me.

Do not get suckered like I did...

Although I was smart enough to cancel my credit card before anymore charges could be charged to it.

Pissed off too in Augusta GA.

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