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intelius wants a credit cards they can keep charging monthly without your permission ,or they refuse perpay credit cards by visa it is a ripped off, and yes I payed the fee for address and phone number to find my anut,and dont get it, they refer me to more payments of monhly charges ,and refuse

perpaid cards . is this a clean bus. no they are taking private imformation and giving it away for a price,you could be hiding from a stalker or someone that wants to do you harm, and give you up,but only after they pay alot for it with there scam.so if they have of money and a credit card you are screwed,there sure be a act ,or bill in our goverment to protect us from these people,but every year we keep loosing our rights little by little , and china wil have more righs then us

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Of course they won't take prepaid Visa Cards. No matter what you sign up for, their plans are monthly subscriptions.

Almost every company that offers a monthly subscription won't accept prepaid cards. Why would they?

You could pay for a month and then your card runs out of money. With that said, the company is still a shady practice.


If you really want to use Intelius, call Visa and complain. Visa has agreements with merchants such that if a merchant accepts Visa, they must accept Visa giftcards.