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A few weeks ago I purchased info on one telephone number. Just the location, for $.99. Before choosing this I carefully read and it clearly states one time offer.

Now I'm beiging debited $19.95. Called the number on the debit statement. Recording for identity services only. Dosen't help at all because you can't get to any department but a sales rep for identity theft protection.

I believe this kind of thing is illegal. I do know there was a credit reporting company type of thing that tried that a few years ago and had to pay everybody back with interest. There is no site for it anymore.

I wish I had know about this site before. Now I will bookmark pissedconsumer.com and check complaints before I do anything. It's a shame that this has been going on for some time and the feds or other law enforcement agency hasn't gone after them.

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Same thing. I paid for their .99 report and was charged $19.95 in addition for a "subscription".

I called and was told it was an error, or that I possibly clicked the wrong box. I was refunded my $19.95 after a 2 week waiting period. About a week ago I did another .99 report and figured I would be very careful to make sure I didn't authorize anything beyond the .99 transaction, and it clearly stated that was the only charge. Last night I called my bank to discover I have been charged $39.95.

So, today I get the pleasant task of trying to find out if that is the only charge, and then arguing with thier "customer service" department to attempt to get a refund for this. It's obvious that they are playing on the fact that many people don't check their bank statements and never realize they have paid for services they never ordered.

So sad that a company would stoop to such low business practices. I wish there was a way to put them out of business!


We apologize for any confusion arising from the use of our service and would like the opportunity to assist you.

Intelius offers a variety of promotions during the checkout process. It sounds like the Identity Protection Membership was activated through the acceptance of discounted pricing for the report. The discounted price selection describes the activation of the Identity Protection Membership, which is initially a seven day free trial. All of our services are non-contractual so there is no obligation to continue using the service.

If you still need assistance with your account, please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Support.


We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


Same experience. Did 1 phone number lookup that gave useless results for $.99.

And now have the $19.99 charge on my next credit card bill. Called them and got told it was an insurance policy I purchased by making the 1 look up search. Not only that but it is a monthly fee ($240 per year). Phone agent offered a reduced charge.

I told him no way just remove it.

He said my account will be credited. Will also call my credit card company and watch the bill closely to insure I got rid of them.


Ninak, You should have gone back to the site and got a customer suppport # after the # on your statement didnt work. ANY site that offers 1 time fee, or trial offer, for say only $1.00 for "this time only", or "30 day trial", they still charge you the full regular amount almost right away, because the terms state they will charge, but they dont say when.

So you HAVE to call them to get your money back and majority of cases, they will refund you, as long as you call with in the "trial" period.

That is why I researched the reviews for Intellius, to make sure they didn't do this, to avoid the hassel. Now after reading, I'm glad I checked first


Brittany, call them and say you're gonna dispute the charges with your bank or the bbb they will refund EVERYTHING. they have to.

trust me.. it works.


I had the exact same thing happen to me. I was receiving threatening calls and texts from an unfamiliar number. I initially typed the number itself into Google and searched to see if anything would come up and determined the cell phone provider as well as the tower location it had pinged from most recently but that's all that was available right away. I saw an advertisement for Intelius PeopleSearch for a one time fee of $2.25, to be refunded if no results were found for you. Out of desperation to find out who it was, I agreed to pay the $2.25. I went through each (of the three) "confirmation" screens and read each carefully because I don't trust any website with my credit card numbers. I found out who the prankster was through my own investigative methods, my boyfriend's psycho ex, and never received a report from Intelius. Assuming the $2.25 would be refunded as advertised, I forgot about. My $2.25 has not be refunded and a few days after the initial charge, I received another charge from Intelius of $19.95 I didn't confirm. My bank statement included no phone number for the company so I had to do more investigative work to find a working customer service number. I contacted the company to speak with what sounded like an indian man who could barely speak or comprehend english.

I explained my situation in great detail and the representative kept repeating I did give consent and I did sign up for their identity theft program. I said absolutely not and demanded whatever "membership" be cancelled immediately as well as any charges to my account refunded. The man said okay and gave me his name and a confirmation number but I haven't received any of my money back.

I believe scams like this ARE illegal but I'm uncertain how to get my money back. I can report them to BBB or the AGO but that won't get me my money and it sounds bad, but times are hard. $20 isn't much but it isn't when you're *** it away on absolutley nothing.