Tampa, Florida
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They hide "membership enrollment" in the "terms of agreement" and take money out of your account and you don't know it until you check your account statement. That is trickery and deciet - they should be prosecuted.

When I ask them to re-imburse my money they wrote me back and said they would be happy to cancel my unsolicitated "membership".

I never wanted to become a member in the first place. Their "Terms of agreement" would take a day to read - and they know that so they hide the fact they are going to take your money in those terms.

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I thought I was buying a one time report for $4.95, then I notice a recurring charge of $19.95 coming out of my bank account. They tricked me into purchasing something that I didn't want nor knew I was getting.

I don't even have any "service" evidence. I cannot trust a site that will do this, I could never enter my account in good faith. I wouldn't know what I'm getting. Avoid Intelius.

Simply avoid the headache. The report I paid for knowingly was worthless and i thought, oh well I only wasted 5 bucks, that was until I saw their sneaky 19.95 charge show up on my account.