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Beware ....Intelius preys upon the unsuspecting person. They rely on the fine print to get people roped in and then, monthly, without permission they deduct $19.95 from your account for a service you neither ask for, understood nor used and then refuse to return what they have taken.

In addition, they do not always stop deducting this money from your bank account even after you have ask them to stop. It doesn't matter how "established" they are considered to be, the bottom line is, honest and legitimate businesses do not operate this way, period. Check out all the other complaints about this company (there are many) before you get involved with them. The Federal Trade Commission should know them well by now.

Please, if you have been scammed by this company, however little, complain to every agency and get on every website you can and tell the world about these guys. $19.95 is not much when it's only once but when they get it from thousands of unsuspecting people for months and sometimes years on end it becomes a major crime!

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