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I mpaid $15.00 for a 5 yr old ph number. they say unpublished numbers will be provided, that's a croc-o-poo. And customer service is a misnomer.

UNintelius you stink.

Sure they have a "terms and conditions that takes

too long to read carefully, and is ambiguios at best.

I'm sure this third rate company makes more money provideing usless dated information than from info that people can actullt use.

I called "customer service" i should say "customer service refusal" only to be told I received some info and thats too bad if it is worthless.

So in closeing I would NOT recomend UNintelius to anyone.

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as of 6/29/12 my socialsecurity was going direct deposit to a achievecard i call everyday no check i need mymoney i have to pay before 7/7/12


I want to cancel my account each month taking.50.00 I can not keep paying for something I do not need more



i paid for 6 months $195 dls after 3 months the conpany sendme a bill for $60 dls because the employes dont charche right so its right or not its creasy but before the the frist time for 6 months i paid $165 :p


I recently had a sit down meal in pizza hut,and when i asked for the bill,staff member came over with a portable machine i punched in my details then the staff member walked off with my card to the till area and then proceeded to look at my card and his phone which he then used the key pad on his mobile,returned the card to myself,i was so shocked i walked out of there and immediately cancelled my card.


I used Intellus to get a one-time report on a person - the information was old - by years. I paid $2.95 for this useless information, today they charged $19.95 to my account, I contacted them by email and tomorrow I will contact them by phone, if they don\'t refund this bogus charge I will contact the state Attorney General and file a complaint of fraud against them.

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