Jersey City, New Jersey
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I used a debit card with a small amount on it for Intelius. I had never used the card for anything else, and to my dismay there were several charges for purchases over the internet that I did not make!!!!

There's a reason why they don't accept PayPal- because they wouldn't be able to steal people's information.

There is no reason for such a site not to use PayPal if they are honest. I would not recommend using their site unless until they do or any other people search site that does not, as many of them seem to be run by the same company.

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yes, I cancelled the account and reported the charges. I never used that particular account, thankfully there was only $35 dollars available.


They charged my credit card also and I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I've also cancelled the credit card and called to have whatever accounts they say I have with them canceled. Hopefully, they will not charge me again this month but I will be on the look for it now and will notify my credit card company !


What did you do? Cancel that debit card?