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I did a background check with Intelius and they gave me a subscription for $19.95/mo for identity protection! A service I never asked for, never authorized!!!

THEY ARE STEALING from consumers! Then they make you wait 20 minutes on hold so they hope you hang up! I am disgusted! I am calling the better biz bureau!

How can someone charge you for a service never purchased/authorized, etc... Please beware of these scams and the only reason i chose them was because they were the first to come up under search engines.

I hope they get what is coming to them.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

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So sad that companies can stay in business legally fooling people. And if Intelius is telling that they are not fooling people it’s of course a lie.

No one can make me believe that people pay $1 for obtaining information about people also want some ID protection, that's just b.s. and they know themselves it's a big lie That is how they make money. This ID theft subscription they are “forcing” people into does not add any value whatsoever. And Intelius, please, if you guys respond to this, don’t say that people get a free 7 day subscription and can choose to opt out anytime…..

YES, WE KNOW THAT ALREADY, but it’s how you do it that matters.

I have an MBA from Wharton, and I know many people will do whatever to make money, but I think this will change. I’ve been involved in several business start-ups, some successful and some not, and if, during our research we find that the only way to make the business sustainable is to walk into the gray zone between legal and illegal (where Intelius clearly are operating), we would stop. I would hate running a business where everyone is talking negatively about you. I have yet to find a positive unbiased review from a person who bought a $1 person-information from Intelius that is happy to be automatically signed up for ID theft for $20/month.

Intelius, please show us that! The 2008 economic down turn was partly a result of companies operating in this gray zone between legal and illegal, for instance the subprime mortgage industry.

People are fed up with this now, and hopefully in the future consumers will make it very uncomfortable for people running business like that. So (un)Intelius, I would give you a few years, and you’re out, hopefully some of your executives will be hunted down by angry customers too.


used the bbb and attorney general comment... and they are claiming to refund my money.

they gave me confirmation numbers... i hope to see the credits in a week or so.


*** ya 8)


A total scam...inaccurate as to current information they advertise to provide. I did a search on my owm cell # and it came back bogus....Contact the Attorney Generals office and file a complaint.


I pd $.95 to look up a name and a month later I had $39.95 in charges on my card! I talked to a person at their 888 number and she said I requested all of it.

No I did not.

I thought I was paying $.95 to look up one name. Don't be duped!!!!!


Call My Butt! Im pissed they are billing illegally and I plan on telling everyone till they refund with a smile.

and I did share it with the BBB and facebook and myspace and everyone in my email list and ask them to share with their friends.. :( :( :( :( :(


All you folks who claim that you cancelled & got your money returned, tell me now that you got your money returned. I've been waiting 6 months.


Intelius engages in what is known as post transaction marketing. The site is purposely designed in such a way as not to be clear. The screen just before getting your report is an offer for the service for 19.95. You type your email address in the box to confirm the offer. They give you an option to click NO, get my report below the YES box. But this is in VERY small type and it makes it look like you have to hit the YES button to get your report. Unfortunately I hit the YES button. A company that would design a site in such a way to be deceptive is not a company I want to do business with.

And BTW for all those "company" posters on this board. I did NOT get ANY email stating there was a trial and I had 7 days to cancel. I was told they also sent emails each month regarding the charge - BULL this never happened. I was able to prove both and with complaints to the BBB, the Attorney General of my State - citing other State lawsuits against this company for the very same thing, I was able to get ALL of my money back.

There have been numerous lawsuits against this company for this deceptive practice. Their CEO ran a scheme on his last company that almost landed him in jail. One of the senior mgt team of Intelius was sent to Federal jail for lying to a grand jury about being in a strip club. Just be aware these guys are *** and if you do business with them you will regret it.


The page after the checkout is not as clear as it should be. It does specify the $19.95, but they really need to work on making it more concise and obvious as to what it is.

I called and got my money back, although it is going to take 3 to 5 days unfortunately. The 7 day grace period people are describing is false, they charged it to my account immediately.


You people get scammed because you're too lazy to read the agreements.


i worked for them and they treated their employees like *** they fired me they are the worst company to work for they are scam robbing peoples money if they took you money the trick is to call them and threat them with you going to contact the bbc better business bureau and they attorney general and they will refund all your money so for every consumer make sure you use those magic words to get your money back i hope they go out of business lets work on that file as many complaints with the bbc and AG to get them to stop robbing peoples money.



WOW what a great SCAM Intelius has going on! They also hit me for the $19.95 and the monthy subscription.

I called 888-445-**** and demanded a full refund becuase I NEVER agreed to this. Within 5 minutes I was given a conformation number with a full refund.


I am a paralegal that works at L.A. Law Group, Inc.

After numerous phone calls with customer service representatives, Tawny, Evelyn, they were very uncooperative. Tawny, in particular argued that we agreed to the identity protection agreement which my managing attorney never authorized. Do not do business with this company ever!

I have used this service for the last time, there are unauthorized charges to the managing attorney's account. When I asked for evidence that we authorized these charges such as the identity protection, I was told that everything is done online and there are nothing given in writing.


This company is REALLY nasty about their practices. When I used a service that truly looked like it carried a one-time fee, I was enrolled in a subsription for 19.95/mo!

They know the fine print is deceptive, and trust me when you call, they are just as rude as you would expect them to be. I was NOT aware until three of these charges where applied that I even had this subscription.

To make it even worse than rude, they were actually insulting, stating several times, "i suggest you go back and read the fine print". Lol, I don't need the fine print to tell me I just got conned.


Just went through that. Took about five minutes and they cancelled the whole thing and are refunding the 19.95.

All you have to do is call their 888 number on the contact us page, tell them what is going on, and they will take care of it.

BTW: do it ASAP when you know it is happening. ;)


i paid for a number and address, thats all i wanted. before i could call to cancel they charged me for august membership when it was the 27th.

now for september ! they are a rip off :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


It clearly states that you will be charged the monthly fee if you don't cancel. You also receive an email containing the same information.

Stop whining and trying to blame someone else for your lack of personal responsibility. I'm sure it's not your first mistake, own it!


It states when you get even the cheapest search that you will be given a 7 day free trial of the Identity Protect. It also says you will be charged if you don't call and cancel.

You also get an email immediately telling you about it. All you have to do is call them and cancel it. I guess it would be a good idea to read emails and fine print....

I have used Intelius more than once and have never had any issues. To unsubscribe from the Identity Protect in case any of you haven't done so yet is to call 1-87*-***-****


They are very tricky. They must be making a lot of money by deceptively enrolling anyone that purchases a people search by their monthly automatic charge of $19.95 from their credit card.

I never intended to buy a monthly subscription but have spent about 100 dollars. Not only that, I forgot and did it again a year later:(.

My bad.

Screw me once shame on you; screw me twice shame on me.

How can we stop this type of marketing?


I ordered the 'cheapest' info search, as I needed to know a birtday. Recieved Month/Year, no day data!

Asked for refund, received e-mail stating they don't issue refunds! Why do they advertise refunds?

And for that matter since the data is their 'product', it seems that this would be false advertising by not providing the entire amount of data as advertised. Though I understand the availability of data might be limited, I can not understand how you can offer a product you can't deliver.

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