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I did a background check with Intelius and they gave me a subscription for $19.95/mo for identity protection! A service I never asked for, never authorized!!!

THEY ARE STEALING from consumers! Then they make you wait 20 minutes on hold so they hope you hang up! I am disgusted! I am calling the better biz bureau!

How can someone charge you for a service never purchased/authorized, etc... Please beware of these scams and the only reason i chose them was because they were the first to come up under search engines.

I hope they get what is coming to them.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

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And the reason he IS allowed to exist IS BECAUSE HE IS A BLACK CONVICTED FELON!


You need say no more.. the fact that ha satan's black child is in charge...

I will never use this service...

white trash and *** suck... he sounds like a *** in my opinion!


Intelius has been stealing credit card money since they opened their doors. CEO is a black convicted felon, and incorporated in Delaware.

The attorney General in Washington state has thousands of complaints but must be in on the take since fraud continues.


On April 18, 2012, they cahrged my account with $19.95. I never ordered anything. I called the number that's on my checking account 877-974-**** and it says, "That number is busy, tray again later, goodbye." Then the phone hangs up.


Of course INTELIUS is scam. Don't complain for your ignorance.


18 months ago, I discovered 5 months of unauthorized $19.95/month deductions. After considerable hassle and 3 to 4 phone calls demanding a refund, I finally was issued a total refund.

For the following 4 months the $19.95 charge started reappearing but my failure to thoroughly review my C U account for five months did not catch their restarting to collect every month. Again and after much hassle and resistance by Intelius, they once again refunded all of the charges. GUESS WHAT? Today, after reviewing my CU Account, I discovered that Intelius started collecting $19.95 in March 16 and now April 19th ONCE AGAIN.




All of you people that were ripped off should file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and they will investigate and probably shut them down. They have the authority to do that.


We apologize for any confusion arising from the use of our service and would like the opportunity to assist you.

Intelius offers a variety of promotions during the checkout process. The Identity Protection Membership was activated through the acceptance of discounted pricing for the report. The discounted price selection describes the activation of the Identity Protection Membership, which is initially a seven day free trial. All of our services are non-contractual so there is no obligation to continue using the service.

Also, we apologize for any challenges you may have experienced in regards to contacting us.

If you still need assistance with your account, please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Support.


We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.


They got me for $39.90 thus far and I haven't been able to stop them!


Intelius is a scam. Was charged 3 times for stuff that I cancelled or did not know I had or whatever.

I called to cancel and was charged again for something else.

A ninety-five cent charge cost me $60 buck in the long run. I am an *** for not reading the fine print I guess.



Anyone using this Intelius scam.

LISTEN. Call them back, tell them that you have a pending report through the BBB. THEY WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY, with a confirmation code, ON THE SPOT.

This is truly a scam. How they get away with this is beyond my comprehension!!!


*** it!!! I have just been RIPPED off royal by this Intelius scam.


I did not know I signed up but caught it before the 7 day trial. BUT, they charged me anyways the day I canceled. How do they get away with this?


Just noticed they added the identity service plan and charged me twice. Did not apply for it, so I am very disappointed they took advantage of me.

Will never use Intilius again. Beware!!!


I see many reports here slamming Intellius. I have to say, I had no problems with their service.

I didn;t find what I was looking for, but then again Accurint couldn't find this person either. The issue many of you seem to be having is the optional $19.95 ID pretection service. If you buy the discounted option you are enrolled in a 7 day free trial. If you do not cancel, you are then and only then charged the $19.95.

It sounds to me like most of you need to read BEFORE you click the mouse. Is it a little shady or sneaky? Perhaps it can be viewed as such, but seeing that they are up front on the fees, I don't think they are shady. All you have to do is read the offers before accepting.

I paid $1.95 for a report not .95 as one poster did.

The .95 option clearly states you'll be enrolled in a ID protect program free for 7 days then it's $19.95. A little more reading and paying attention before placing an order would have avoided all these bad feelings in my opinion.


These bastards just got me. Like it wasn't bad enough that their lame *** search for $39 gave me the name I was looking for along with anyone else in the country with the same name, nothing specific about it.

I found all that info for FREE on the internet, their search was useless. Now, just shortly later this friggen $20 charge appears on my bank account.

***. They WILL get shut down.


I found out that they are being investigated and there is a court case out against them. I called and demanded my money back the before I found the court case on the better business bureau.

The next time I called back and told them I found the court case and the scam.

They told me they are going to refund the 2 charges of $19.95. Make sure you go to the BBB before using another company.


Me Too.

THey got me for at least $20, maybe $40-it's unscrupulous business practices and in these tough times you have to be pretty low - like pond scumb!


They charged me too for a subscription I didn't ask for. I got AMEX to dispute the charge and block further charges after I called Intellius and told them they are NOT authorized to charge me.


877-974-**** or Identity and Credit Protect COMPLETE Fraud.

This is a scam. I had to search a few people in order to fill out a job application (government jobs need the last 10 years of everyone you have lived with, worked with, etc). I decided to take advantage of their "7 day trial" in order to finish my application.

After I finished my searches I cancelled my account...so I thought.

I followed their instructions and did as I was told. I received an e-mail of cancellation..

Two days ago I was charged $19.95. I just called their customer service and was told that when you sign up, you are supposedly signed up for 3 other services!! And if you don't cancel all three, you will be charged $19.95 every month! WOW. I, still very calmly, said I was never notified of this multiple membership...not even by e-mail! And she told me that when you fill in your e-mail you give them the right to sign you up for all 3.

In short, this is a scam. DO NOT sign up for ANY free trials. These are the sort of people that will ALWAYS have a gimic. DO NOT try 877-974-**** Int* Intelius Sb (also known as Identity and Credit Protection).


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