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I did a background check with Intelius and they gave me a subscription for $19.95/mo for identity protection! A service I never asked for, never authorized!!!

THEY ARE STEALING from consumers! Then they make you wait 20 minutes on hold so they hope you hang up! I am disgusted! I am calling the better biz bureau!

How can someone charge you for a service never purchased/authorized, etc... Please beware of these scams and the only reason i chose them was because they were the first to come up under search engines.

I hope they get what is coming to them.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

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Our law firm is Plaintiffs' counsel in a class action lawsuit filed against Intelius and their partners in the Central District of California. If you have information you would like to share, or to assist in the prosecution of this case, you can contact me at:William R. Restis, Esq.Finkelstein & Krinsk LLP501 West Broadway, Suite 1250San Diego, CA 92101Toll Free: (877) 493 ****Fax: (619) 238 ****email: wrr@***.com


The same thing happened to me and i was billed for $19.95 for id theft i never asked for it not one time.i emailed them about refunding my money and they said they could not.


I selected the discounted charge for thier services and apparently signed up for some type or identity protection service, 19395 per month! I called them and the will not acknowledge the scam & refund the $$ - though they did say they have cancelled my subscription.


I checked a phone number for a .99 charge and was later billed 19.95 for something I never requested.


I just found an unauthorized charge from Intellius, disguised as "int ID protect." Naveen Jain is the CEO, and the company is based in Belleville, Washington. With unscrupulous companies like these, we all need to review, and I mean SCRUTINIZE every line item in each statement we receive from our credit card company.

I called my Mastercard, questioning the charge of $ 19.95.

They are VERY familiar with this company's phony billing practices, but claimed the ID "service" is automatically billed with ANY search that a person does through Intellius. WHAT A SCAM!!

I will take the necessary hour with the Intellius rep to reverse this charge, and then send Intellius a bill for my time.


They did the exact same thing to me. But if you waste 30 min. of your day, get pissed at them, talk to a supervisor who can refund your money, you can get yoru $19.95 back.


The report was poor indeed, but the unwanted $19.95 monthly charge for absolutely nothing is even worse! Don't worry Upset Consumer, it took me more than 6 months to notice the charges. I bet they did a study to determine what $ amount would go unnoticed by consumers.


I have bought an intelius search time and they charged 49.99 and they told me that they have all the info but in reality they do not the address I put there they gave it to me back with a twisted address. they gave me part in new York and part in New Jersey it is scamming to charge almost 50 dollars and offer nothing. i have never gotten anything right since i start using it. i tried almost more than 6 times. please look up into this

thank you

sadik kaid


I am currently experiencing the exact same thing from Intelius. I am embarrassed it took me four months to see the bogus charges they have been submitting. I am reporting them to both the BBB and my State Attorney General.


I work at a class action lawfirm and we are investigating these claims against Intelius. We would like to hear about experiences from people who have had trouble with Intelius.

Please email me at abby1100ny@***.com. Thanks,Abigail

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