Reston, Virginia
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I ran a report on myself. I lived in the area 60 years.

They have no report or any other refrence on me. They will not refund. I will contract my creidit card and issue a complaint. They are a scam.

Do not use them as they are multi-teared scam system making you pay for more services thinking you will get your information if you pay the added price. Scam...!

I don't know if other companies can provide this service. It is good to run a background search when you are constructing a resume. But, you nead to deal with a proper company which ain't a scam, if there is such a company.

I tried another company and they also are a scam. Good luck, Joe

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I wanted a one-time report to get an address for $1.95. I noticed the process was deceptive as I went through the steps, so I navigated verrrrry carefully, got my address, and appeared to end up with a membership.

After three attempts following complicated directions to opt-out or cancel (twice thinking I'd misread the directions, LOL); the option simply wasn't available. The contact by email limits your choices so I sent several, but had to telephone and go through the time-consuming procss of waiting for an available rep. According to "Kevin" I didn't have a membership (so evidently I'd navigated their mine-field of unwanted purchases). It's highly unethical to trick customers; I could see the handwriting on the wall regarding extra charges.

My time is too valuable to spend on such as this.

This researcher won't be using Intelius again! ML