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About 6 weeks ago I used Intelius to find out the name and address of a number that kept calling my cell phone. After paying $5 they gave me the first name but no other information. I complained but received no response and no credit back to my charge card.

The next month my credit card gets charged $19.95. Intelius had signed me up for a Indentity Theft Protection against my consent. After finding this "Pissed Consumer" website and reading about quite a few people being hit by this scam, I called Intelius to complain about the unauthorized charge. The female rep actually tried to talk me into the service that they already charged my card for. I told her I did a little search on the internet about this scam and that Intelius has pi$$ed off more than just a few people. If she didn't want me to take further action that the charge better be removed, pronto.

They removed the charge and I haven't seen another since but being the scammers they are I'm sure they'll do it again.

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they are disonhest dont know how to work onhest dont do any bussiness with intelius u will lose money there snakes in the grass iam contacting the att gen to file a class action law suite e mail me 2 KRWINFLA@YAHOO.COM IF YOUR A VICTIM


yes they are sneaky scamers the hit me i cancalled and hit me three months later iam going after these *** bags beware dont use ther services unless u want to lose money keith

Freedom, Wyoming, United States #20174

At Intelius we take customer service very seriously, please contact me at and I would be happy to address the issues you mentioned in your post. Thanks - Chris

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