Saint Louis, Missouri

Intelius ripped me off, gave out my card to another rip off company without my permission. I have not received any useful information from anyone at Intelius who seem to be connected to or own too many scam look up site.

One can understand incorrect information, however these people appear to be scam atris who take and share your money and information with their cunterparts at will.

Why are they allowed to run these scam sites with so many complaints and proof of fraud? these sites are all over the web with negative complaints?

IT's ok if they steal?

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I work at a class action law firm and we are investigating these claims against Intelius. We would like to hear from people who have had trouble with Intelius. Please email me at abby1100ny AT yahoo DOT com




I too was ripped off by But, I'm doing something about it. I filed a complaint with the Dept Of Justice as well as the Attorney General.

I also put a block against them so that they can't use the card again. I strongly suggest that everyone else who has had the same issue file a complaint with there governing agency.

Mark Kaufman.