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I signed up for the so-called 7-day "Free-Trial" with Intelius and discovered the service isn't worth the money. So, well within that first week, I not only cancelled my account on-line, I also wrote Intelius Customer Service for back-up cancellation - they don't make it easy - as well as repeatedly asked for email confirmation of my cancellation request.

No good, they charged me anyway!

When I called to complained, they lied out right and said I had called outside the 7-day free trial!!!!

What a rip=off and liars to boot!! I'm calling the FCC.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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To Intelius CS...The guy tried, multiple times apparently, to cancel WITHIN THE 7 DAYS!! You guys dragged your feet intentionally to nick him for the $19.99!!

How dumb do you think people are? YOU ARE CRIMINALS!!! And Thankyou, to the poster!

After reading this, it will be a cold day in *** before I pay for this ***! I'm really glad I checked out the reviews...

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