Arlington, Texas
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Intelius have me associated with someone who has stalked me broken into my home and stolen my idenity. They have this person listed as a member of mine.

this information is very much incorrect. I fear my life and they take incorrect information and they post it.

I saw this and could not sleep at all They need to get the true facts before they post things.The persons name that they have me associated with is Roland oday Booker he is not realated to me and he never will be I would appraciate if they would remove him from my contact list and also remove me as well. yours truly Lois Norice /Lois Elhag

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Intelius has posted terribly INCORRECT info about me. They need to be OUT of business.

Their info is not credible.

Watch out for them, they are dangerous and can cause a lot of damage to your reputation. I hope an attorney will take my case!!