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I googeled to find a search company to look up a phone number and Intelius was one of the first results. For only .95 cents I got the number I wanted and thought that it was a pretty good deal.

Then the scam hit! I had just paid all of my bills so my checking account was empty when INTELIUS charged me $19.95 for the new service I seem to have signed up for. That plus the $35.00 overdraft protection fee puts the total cost of the phone number, including the .95 cents that they said it would cost,at $55.90!!!!

I suggest that Ma Bell is still the best buy!!!!

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Chico, California, United States #834867

Rip Off ....scam beware!!!!!


Al, you are sure bothered by my comments. Are you bedredin or just bored with your life so much that you insist on commenting over and over about my little tantrum.


i need to know asap if they give the money bck because i've never authorized them to take money from my checkeing account..i just wanna try the free soooooo pissed off at them n it is my fault for not checking better my bank account...Anyway, Is there a way to get my money bck???


Defending Intellius? You must suck their balls every night. Everyone knows that they scam people for additional services they never signed up for and never wanted.


Hey genius - here's what it PLAINLY states on their website:

Offer Details:

The special offer price is available with your free trial membership. Take advantage of the great benefits that Identity Protect has to offer. The membership fee of $19.95 plus tax where applicable per month will be charged/debited by to the credit/debit card you use today with after the 7-day trial. Offer only available to new Identity Protect customers.

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