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We paid $.95 for a one-time search on Intelius. The following month we noticed a $9.95 charge to our checking account.

We called to cancel. She said she could NOT refund the money but would send an e-mail with a link giving us 10 free searches. Never used them. Deleted the E-mail.

That was a big mistake because apparently the fine print that goes along with those 10 "FREE" searches stated that we would have to call and cancel the membership AGAIN in 30 days or we would be charged a reduced monthly rate of $9.95 thereafter. My husband, who manages the checkbook, assumed I decided to keep the service. TEN MONTHS LATER... Their records verify that: 1) I canceled the membership once.

2) I was sent an E-mail giving me 10 free searches. 3) I NEVER used their service after the initial $.95 search. We have NEVER used the membership and Intelius will not refund our money. BEWARE!!

They are manipulative with the "free" offers and the fine print. If you use this service be very, very careful about the cancellation process.

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Ocean Shores, Washington, United States #251523

It was like reading my own story in this article. I am furious and because i use my credit card to do my monthly shopping and then pay it off at the end of the month, i never saw these changes.

I have just now caught them after two years!!! It has cost me over $600.

I am fighting back with legal help but who knows how far that will go. I can't believe this is legal or that someone doesn't expose this company!!!!

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