Aliso Viejo, California
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Beware - Intelius charges you before they will tell you whether or not they have any information on the person you are looking for. After you pay and they charge you for lots of add-ons, you find out that the person cannot be found.

The results contina people with similar names that they do have in their database. But they should first allow you to make sure that the person can be found via a birthdate or other unique information before charging and then producing no results for the search desired.

Quit disappointing for the #1 service of this type!

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These people will eventually get sued. They are posting wrong info on me also.


By law no employeer is allowed to use a background check off of a public information website. You should sue the company('S) that are using the cunsomer side of thier site. If the companys are using the cunsomer side of thier website then they are probalby to dumb to work for anyway!!!


Well at least there not telling you your 70 years old. I'm a homecare nurse and intelius has my background check as 70 I'm 40. Extremely affecting my ability to get work.


yes and they have mine as 50 when I am 29 years ... I want to sue them