I did a reverse lookup for a phone number that was harassing me with text messages. It returned with an 87 year old woman living in Florida.

Im 99.99% sure its not her texting me little messages. They also trick you into buying additional features without you realizing it. Customer support said they can not do anything to help. Its basically the same thing if you search the phone number on an internet browser, except it wont cost you anything to search on the internet!

Dont use Intelius. In my opinion, its a scam, it seduces you into thinking they have information, but it just searches the web, which you can do for free!

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Intellius_Customer_Support: Don't take this personally but why don't you do your JOB and refund the money I didn't consent to have taken from me as I've asked and as Intelius agreed to do more than a week ago? If Intelius was a good, reputable company there wouldn't be so many complaints on PissedConsumer, so you can stop trying to use nice words to appease these consumers. Do what a legit business would do, stop stealing money and start refunding it when you do.


I apologize that the information returned was not useful. If you still need assistance with your account please visit the contact us page on the Intelius website for a variety of options to contact Customer Support.


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