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Intelius is listing my wife (Penny G. Maillet) as living in Hawthorne, Nevada.

They list her age and other "information" when the fact is, that she has been dead for almost 31 years. She and my oldest daughter (Michelle) were killed in a car accident in Redding, Calif. on january 3rd. 1979.

We lived in Hawthorne back in 1975 and 76. We then moved to Redding and lived there until they were killed. I ran into this "information" by accident, and it highly upset me.

How can they do something like that without verifying thir data. Someone needs to fix this.

Patrick Maillet.

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intelius and others link us to criminal records not even ours and job history based on every other person and business renting a post office box before and after us and we are then related to every person ever lived in the apartment we rent and if we move we are also related to every person that moves in and out after we leave and these job application checks never think these is wrong so if we do not claim a criminal or work history not actually ours but sold as being us we get denied jobs and rights to have a bank account so...

i am on a war to flood my file with such *** and obvious wrong data to force any people with at least some common sense to see the obvious *** and wrong and start to question the file before deciding the additional criminal history in states i never been and denying me a job for supposedly lying about my work and criminal history when i do not claim owning or working for places that rent my old post office box and do not claim a criminal history not actually mine but intelius decides the first letter of their name is the same as mine so must be me and living at addresses i never knew existed simply because it is linked to the history of all other people and businesses moving in and out of post office boxes and apartments we had at one time.... hoping the obvious and *** will get people to ask questions rather than deny us jobs based on the not verified but intelius decides to add things to our life on their own basically accusing us of lying on applications based on not claiming the same history intelius decides is going to be me but not actually me at all

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