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Do not use this service!!!! I just paid $44.95 for nothing.

They said that they had a report available. I paid the $44.95 then all of a sudden they had no records. I know for a fact the person I was searching has a criminal record, I just needed a copy of it. So this is a clear indication that this company is a scam.

Now they will not let me remove my personal information from their site without faxing a copy of my ID to them. What kind of *** is that!

This is by far the worst experience I have ever had with any online service, I will tell everyoe I know not to use them!!! I am so mad!!!!

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Yes, you are wright, It happened to me too and I bet to hundreds of people. Somebody should make some rules for this kind of busineses who sell actually nothing.

They take their informations from other sites who , at their turn they don't have the wrights to sell. It's a totaly mess. My advice for everybody : don't give to anybody informations about yourself, it's not their business. For exemple I was selling on Ebay and at one point they came to some questions they call it " security questions to be sure that is you and nobody else" .

And what question do you think they ask? Do your social security number starst with 482?. What is that? Who give them the wright to ask something like that .

Or another one : Did you lived at 2245 Lihten Ave? And the think is I did not give them any kind of informations about my SSN of the previous places I lived at.

Be careful!!! :?

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