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Tried to get a background check on a person. Not looking for anything serious, but just whether the 'story' I was told would hold up (addresses, employers, etc.).

I am not pissed that Intelius did not have this information. I am pissed that led me to believe they had this information.

I clearly clicked on the person I wanted the information on. Instead I got a report on folks that I have no interest in, nothing on the person in question.

Scamming 25 bucks off of someone for any reason is criminal. When will these people be stopped? It's scam, clearly out in the open...

Monetary Loss: $25.

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Ditto....same BS ....I called because I had another check I had done through Archives 3 months prior that included the person's bankruptcy, fishing licenses, employment, 16 previous address, weapon permits, judgements and liens, auto accidents, email address, a FULL 6 pages of information!!! I used the EXACT ONE person's full name in both searches...Intelius gave me info on 2 guy only had a few addresses, DOB...basically what you get when you do a basic search for someone when you already know that much and simply want to push the "purchase background report" right NEXT to the name you've searched.

Intelius gave me a credit for another report...what the *** am I going to do with it...look up Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny? :grin Well at least that makes one smile!!