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Pretty much everyone has mentioned everything about the company. I bought one phone number look up with them months ago for $9.90 and they keep billing me monthly for $19.95 for indentity subscription which I never agreed to.

I have called their customer service and after several calls and waiting on hold, I got through. They will only refund me one $19.95 charge! I am so angry. I realize what they do..

they automatically sign you up for their free trial of indentity theft monitoring that will expire in a week. Most people think, "Ok after a week, I can decide if I want to sign up for this thing.." They don't realize intelius will start charging you after that one week regardless... and even if people pick up on the scam before the week finishes, you can never get through on the phone to them since they hang up!

I did close my account with my cc because of this and I hope this will solve the problem. Please never do business with intelius.

It is NOT worth it just to look up that one phone number. You will regret it if you do business with them.

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Buford, Ohio, United States #41082

The same exact thing happened to me for two months and the phone number would never work and finally i had to email them threating to sue them and everything and the finally refunded my two fees for 19.95 but it should have never gotten to that point any way

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