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When I used Intelius reverse phone number lookup, I was tricked into a free trial for their Identity Protect Plan at $19.95 per month. I thought I canceled out, but I got charged for 2 months.

I also had Identity protection from my Discover Card. I received numerous letters from Discover Card about credit report activity alert from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. I just applied for a new Sears credit card, and it was listed.

I did not receive any reports sent to me by the Intelius Identity Protect Plan. The Discover Card has a much better plan, for less money.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #684588

Intelius ID Theft Protection is a SCAM. Instead of protecting your identity they will steal it!

Intelius is actually a data broker. They collect personal data and resell it to the public. Intelius has very bad reviews and thousands of consumer complaints. They have been sued several times.

Becareful, for $19.99 a month they will not do anything for you except pocket your money. They have no ability to freeze your credit report file if someone steals your identity. Why ? Because, the top 3 credit reporting agencies Experian, Equifax, and Transunion do not want to associate with this scam company named Intelius.

So, please beware and do your research first.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #675837

The CEO, Naveen Jian, of Intelius is a thief and scam artist. He is the subject of many class action law suits.

He was kick out of Infospace for violating SEC rules by illegaly inflating the price of its shares of stock. WOULD YOU TRUST HIM WITH YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION AND CREDIT REPORT FILE ??

ID THEFT PROTECTION FROM INTELIUS ? No Thank You....Stay far away from Intelius.


I too was duped by this company and no they are not happy to assist you with your account. I have called a couple of times and spoke with several people.

Instead of assisting you they tell you too bad.

I was charged for two months at $19.95. If they were legit there would not be so many people with the same complaint.


If you select a promotional price on the Intelius website, you will also receive a free 7 day trial of Identity Protect. After the 7 day trial, it will convert to a regular subscription and bill out at $19.95 monthly.

However, there’s no obligation. If you determine within the 7 day trial that you no longer want Identity Protect, you can cancel your service anytime, online or over the phone with a customer support representative.

Please call 888-445-2727 Monday to Friday from 5am to 8pm and Saturday from 6am to 4:30pm. We will be more than happy to assist you with your account.

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