Today I checked my bank account and found my money had been returned to my account by Intelius. I didn't have to wait that long....I contacted my state Attorney General, the Washington State Attorney General, BBB, my bank and they wrote to them, called them and ultimately my money was returned, all I had asked from them was a one-time people search and suddenly I became a paid subscriber.

I suggest strongly anytime one of these scam factories starts taking your money you immediately contact your state AG and the state they originate in - this will assist in helping others, possibly get their business to straight up or closed down. You can also contact your bank and talk about online fraud.

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How do comanies do it so easy these days!!! I called ValueMax123 and cancelled my membership to them.

:zzz Thanks! I'll follow up with refusing to pay the credit item and call my Att Gen.

Hey, I did read that bull when I was checking out and did NOT accept the $10 savings B.S. I thought "they are tricky, but I am smart." NOPE.

They still charged me for the $20 membership ***. (And gave my OTHER card number, debit card no less, to other internet companies which sucked a pile of money out of my bank account.)

Gobernador Galvez, Santa Fe, Argentina #37214
dOOd.....this particular web site had a box that you check that stated they will send you an email for instructions on how to save $10 as you are checking out. If you checked yes for this email you are automatically signed up for a membership without even responding to the email.

THIS IS A RIP-OFF !!!!!! These people should be prosecuted and put in jail for stealing from innocent people......their consumers none-the-less. They are obviously trying to scam you with this and it should not be legal.

So dOOd, you make think this kind of abuse is ok but i think a thief is as low as you can get. :roll
Rutland, Vermont, United States #29575

Dude, like any other website, they throw in some advertising and trying to sell you more, and you like an *** clicked yes to it and got charged for it, read before you complain, otherwise according to you ALL online businesses should be closed. I don't vote for that.

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